First Take
Gregor Hilden Organ Trio

CD, 2018, Acoustic Music

01 8 Counts For Rita
(James Oscar Smith, Bulldog Music Co.)  5:38

02 Stop Leading Me On
(G. Hunt, Sangelo Publ.) 5:18

03 One Step Forward
(Gregor Hilden, Acoustic Music GmbH)  5:19

04 Move On Down The Line
(Johnny Heartsman) 6:48

05 Barbarella’s Dream
(Gregor Hilden/Wolfgang Roggenkamp, Acoustic Music GmbH)  5:57

06 Sunday Kind Of Blues
(Gregor Hilden, Acoustic Music GmbH)  9:24

07 I Can’t Hold Out
(Elmore James / Arc Music) 4:41

08 First Take
(Gregor Hilden, Acoustic Music GmbH)  6:04

09 Uranus
(Bob Brunning, New Town Sound LTD) 5:32

10 Winter Blues
(Gregor Hilden / Manuskript) 6:21

11 The Ghetto
(Donny Hathaway, Lee Roy Hutson) 6:30

12 Je T’aime …  Moi Non Plus
(Serge Gainburg, Melody Nelson Publishing) 5:44
Bonus Tracks (LP only)
Danny’s L-5
(Gregor Hilden / Acoustic Music GmbH) 1:25

Groovin‘ Blues
(Jimmy McGriff, Holyday Heart Publ.) 4:33
Total Time (CD: 73,25 )  (LP: 79:21)
Gregor Hilden – Guitar, Vocals
Wolfgang Roggenkamp – B-3 Organ, Vocals, Percussion
Dirk Brand – Drums
Recorded at Fox Music Studio, Telgte
Engineered by Wolfgang Brammertz
Mixed by Gregor Hilden & Wolfgang Brammertz
Mastered at Pauler Acoustics, Northeim by Hans-Jörg Mauksch
Photography and Coverdesign by Manfred Pollert
Published by Acoustic Music GmbH
Rough Trade
Produced by Gregor Hilden
Equipment used on this album:
Gregor Hilden plays:
1955 Gibson L-5 Alnico
1959 Gibson ES 175 Natural
1964 Gibson L-5 CES
2013 Gibson '59 ES-330 VOS
1968 Fender Vibrolux Reverb Amp
1990’s Dunlop Cry Baby Wah
1990’s TC Chorus (on ”8 Counts For Rita”)
2016 Neunaber Wet Reverb (on “Barberella’s Dream”
2017 Okko Diablo GH 
Wolfgang Roggenamp plays
1938 Hammond  „BC“
Hammond Leslie 3300
„special thanks to my Hammond tech : Charles Hughes“
Dirk Brand uses exclusively Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth Drum Sticks, Roland Gear, British Drum Co. Drums,
Schagerl Snare Drums, Ahead Drum Bags, Skygel Damper Pads, Handmade Holger Reith Wood Snare Drums, Fischer Amps InEar.