Gregor Hilden Organ Trio  
New Boogaloo
(2024, Acoustic Music)

Gregor Hilden Organ Trio  
Vintage Wax
(2021, Acoustic Music GmbH/Rough Trade)

Gregor Hilden & Richie Arndt Band
Moments - electric
(2019, Fuego/In Akustik)

Gregor Hilden Organ Trio  
First Take
(2018, Acoustic Music GmbH/Rough Trade)

Gregor Hilden & Richie Arndt
Moments - unplugged
(2017, Fuego/In Akustik)

Gregor Hilden
In Phase 
(2015, Acoustic Music/Rough Trade)

Harriet Lewis & Gregor Hilden Band
Soulful Stew
(2010, Acoustic Music/Rough Trade)

Gregor Hilden, Richie Arndt, Timo Gross
The Vineyard Sessions
(2009, Fuego, sold out)

Gregor Hilden
Blue In Red
(2008, Acoustic Music/Rough Trade)

Gregor Hilden
Golden Voice Blues
(2006, Acoustic Music/Rough Trade)

Gregor Hilden Band
(feat. Johnny Rogers & Stevie Woods“)
Blue Hour
(2004 Acoustic Music Rec./Zomba)

Gregor Hilden Band & Johnny Rogers
Soul Serenade 
(2001, Acoustic Music Rec./Zomba)

Gregor Hilden
Sweet Rain
Remastered Compilation zum Sonderpreis!
(2002, Acoustic Music Rec./Zomba)

Gregor Hilden
I'll Play The Blues For You
(2000, Acoustic Music Rec./Zomba,
feat. J. Rodgers)

Gregor Hilden
Westcoast Blues
(1998, Acoustic Music Rec./Rough Trade)

Gregor Hilden
Compared To What
(1996, Acoustic Music Rec./Zomba,
m. Hans D. Riesop, Voc.)

Gregor Hilden
Guitar Deluxe
(1994, Jaguar/Warner Bros.)

Gregor Hilden & Matt Walsh Duo
Classic Blues (2000, Eigenvertrieb, sold out)

The Bluesnight Band
Greg's Bluesnight live in Concert
feat. Ron Williams, Fast Eddy Wilkinson
Larry Garner, Mz Dee, Al Jones, Jim Kahr, 
Travis Haddix, Tom Principato
Boo Boo Davis (sold out)  


Gregor Hilden Band
Live At The Luna Bar
feat. Wilson B. (voc.), Harriet Lewis (voc.)
Johnny Rogers (voc.), Keith Dunn (harp)
Christian Kappe (trumpet),
Thomas Feldmann (harp, sax)

Konzert-DVD aus der Luna-Bar, Münster -
Aufgenommen am 24./25.11. 2006
(2007, Acoustic Music GmbH)

B & W Bluesfestival
Gerry Weber Stadion, Halle/Westf. 2005
Gregor Hilden Band feat. Harriet Lewis
(weitere Bands: Curtis Salgado,
Philip Fankhäuser, Rudi Rotta u.a.)

B & W Bluesfestival
Gerry Weber Stadion, Halle/Westf. 2003
Gregor Hilden Band feat. J. Rogers
(weitere Bands: Blues Company,
Supercharge, Louisiana Red)

Mitwirkung als Gitarrist

Jan Bierther Trio & Gäste
"Jazz im JuBB" 
(Makro, 2021, 1 Track)


Go Music, Martin Engelien
(A1 Records, 2020)


 "Guitar Meeting", Jan Bierther
 (1 Track)
(Makro, 2020)


Ali Neander's Blues Bang
familly reunion (2019, 1 Track)


"Ray Meets Helen"
US-Movie von Alan Rudolph (2018, 2 Tracks)

Richie Arndt Band
"Back to Bad" (2018, 1 Track)

Richie Arndt Band
"The Blue Side of (2018)"

Sascha Klaar
"Sascha Klaar Collection" (2017)

Jim Kahr & Friends 
"Live in Osnabrück, Germany" (2017)

Jan Bierther Trio
Jazz in der Fabrik, Vol.2 (2016)

Martin Engelien
"Go Music 3" (Do-CD, 2014, 2 Tracks)

Richie Arndt
"At The End Of The Day" (2014)

Farmers Road Blues Band
Fifty Fifty" (2012, 1 Track)

DVD Sascha Klaar
"Live Im Apollo, XXL Konzert" (2012)

Richie Arndt & The Bluenatics
"The Blue Side Of" (2010, 1 Track)

DVD Sascha Klaar
"20 Jahre - Das Jubiläumskonzert" (2010)

CD Roger Trash
"Liebe & Desaster" (2009, 1 Track)

CD Sascha Klaar
Live in Kaarst (2009)

CD Mindmovie "
An Ocean Of Dreams" (2008, 3 Tracks)

DVD Sascha Klaar
Show, 2008

Peter Driessen
"A Sharper Twang" (2007, 3 Tracks)

Ines Cagle
"Solitude" (2007, 3 Tracks)

Thomas Hufschmidt Band
feat. Harriet Lewis, Stevie Woods,
Rosani Reis, Gregor Hilden u.a.
"Club Takes" (2007)

Richie Arndt & The Bluenatics 
Rorymania" (2007)

Jim Kahr
"Back in Mannheim live" (2007, 1 Track)

Ron Williams & The Bluesnight Band
Gotta Do The Right Thing
(Acoustic Music / Zomba, 2005)

Travis Haddix
Mud Cakes (Wann-Sonn, 2005)

Della Miles
"Trying Times" (auf dem Sampler
"Brothers Keepers", Sony/BMG, 2005)

Tommy Schneller Band 
"A Heartbeat Away"
(In-Akustik, 2004, 1 Track)

Peter Driessen
"Right Feeling – Wrong Woman"  (2001)

The Session 
"Rock’n’Roll" (2001, 1 Track)

Kiss My Blues  
"Route 66" (2001)

Big Jay McNeely
"Deacon’s Hop" (OOS/INAK, 1999)

(Musik Produktiv, 1994)

JFK The Rockopera
(CD und Video, 1995)

Gregor Hilden & Working Bluesband
"Live" (Live in St.Wendel)

"United" (1997)

Henning Otte
"Having Said All That"

Schallplatte für Musikbuch
"Spielpläne" (1986, 1Track)  


blues news, Collection
Vol. 11 (2016, 1 Track

10 Jahre Blues-Matinee Garbsen 
(2009, 1 Track)

Va "Time Blues - Blues Collection,
Vol. 25 (2008, 1 Track)

VA "Time Blues - Blues Collection 
Vol. 4 (2008, 1 Track)

VA "Time Blues - Blues Collection
Vol. 2 (2008, 1 Track)

Bluesgarage - Absolutely Live III
(1 Track mit Thijes Van Leer, Thomas Blug,
Jerry Donahue, Raoul Walton & Wolf Simon, 2007)

Zounds - Test The Best - Gold 
(4-Track-Mini CD, echtvergoldet, 2007)

Peugeot 407
(CD zur Markteinführung,
2 Tracks, 2004)

Good Whiskey Blues, Vol. 10
(Blues Paradise, 2004)

Big Jay McNeely
Big Jay's Best (2004)

Acoustic Moments 
audiophile 24 Karat Gold CD
(Zounds/Audio, 2003)

(Audio, 2003)

O.K. In Rock'n'Roll (Litauen, 2002)

The Big Blues Session
(In-Akustik, 2002)

Iserlohner Jazz Festival Live 
(1 Track mit Tino Gonzales)

Nicht nur zur Weihnachtszeit
(Creaton 2000)

Blues aus deutschen Landen 
(INAK 1999)

Guitar Heaven Pop Instrumentals
(Acoustic Music Rec. 1998)

Blues Highlights 
(Acoustic Music Rec. 1996)

Als Produzent

Blue George Band
In Between (2005)

Memo Gonzales & The Bluescasters
10000 Miles (1999)